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Mt LeConte

We started out on Memorial Day of 2013 around 8:30 AM in what seemed to be a bad day for hiking. The sky was mostly cloudy, and it had just stopped raining. But we set out on our 6 mile hike up to Mt. LeConte.

IMG_8223We reached Alum Cave, and the weather had cleared up, and the sun was out. We started out in jackets and long pants and 2 hours into it, we were down to short sleeves.

IMG_8256IMG_8274IMG_8278IMG_8282IMG_8288The trail is a little rocky, slick, and steep at some places, and there were quite a few drop offs, that…well, if you slipped, you were back down to the parking lot…

IMG_8292IMG_8306IMG_8321IMG_8332Once we got near the top, you can see many of the trees have fallen down due to the high winds. The staff at the lodge and the National Park have to constantly cut trees to remove them from the trail.

IMG_8334IMG_8335We reached our cabin a little after lunch time, sat down and had a nice picnic, and enjoyed the views from the top.

IMG_8352IMG_8354IMG_8357IMG_8364This is the summit of Mt LeConte. There is no view from the summit, just a pile of rocks. I’m assuming the mountain is growing due to the rocks that are being stacked?

IMG_8394IMG_8405IMG_8415IMG_8434We arrived at Myrtle Point, which was breathtaking. The views are amazing. We relaxed on the rocks, closed our eyes, and did nothing.

IMG_8437IMG_8447IMG_8452IMG_8455IMG_8474IMG_8485You can tell how harsh the wind is by the trees that have no limbs on their right side. This is taken at Cliff Tops (the best place to watch the sunset) We enjoyed watching the sunset, and then went back to the cabin.


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